So I’m at my desk, it’s almost 2 a.m. I’m penciling/inking/coloring/lettering like a madwoman and I’m eagerly awaiting to see if a piece I’ve got up sells. I’m in between tired and awake and just before getting back to work I look at my Tumblr dash…..and I was floored to see this! On one hand I was like oh hey that stuff is nice and looks familiar then I realized oh that’s from Everything Chibi. This put the biggest smile on my face and I’m honored. ^___^

Thank you very much Radio a la Vista!

I just saw this one too! Eeek!


Como aficionado a los tebeos lo que más me ha llamado la atención son sus versiones chibi de personajes de comics como Vampirella, Catwoman, Emma Frost, Batwoman, Spiderwoman, Wonder Woman, Fenix oscura o Zatanna.

Visitad su otro tumblr dedicado sólo a sus ilustraciones chibi.

As a fan to comics what most caught my attention are chibi versions of comics characters as Vampirella, Catwoman, Emma Frost, Batwoman, Spider-Woman, Wonder Woman, Dark Phoenix and Zatanna.

 Visit her other tumblr dedicated only to your artwork chibi.

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